Luis: “As a Veteran I support immigration reform.”

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Luis Cardenas Camacho, Marine Corps Veteran

As a Marine Corps Veteran I had the honor to serve with alongside some of the bravest and brightest this nation has to offer, many of whom were 1st or 2nd generation immigrants. It is my belief that our Nation owes it to itself to continue and recruit the best and brightest, historically speaking that has always included the migrant community. Fixing our immigration system will mean that we can continue to recruit the best men and women for the job. In doing so we enrich our culture by continuing the tradition of inclusion our forefathers set before us. Unfortunately, the level of crime and violence on our borders makes it obvious that the current system is not working. Comprehensive immigration reform would address this issue and secure our Nation, which so many have fought to defend. As a Veteran I support immigration reform.

As a son of a migrant family, and an immigrant myself, I am well aware the struggles and the plights of the migrant community. When my mother decided to immigrate to this country she did so with no money, no education, and three school age children. However, she believed in the American dream, and instilled in us the determination, hard work ethic, and love for country that played a key role in my decision to join the Marine Corps.

The broken immigration system has torn apart thousands of families over the years. Among the ranks of broken families are thousands of Veterans who currently sit deported in foreign countries, even after bravely serving their country. Since day one all branches of the service learn that we leave no man behind, regardless of the circumstances we bring all of ours home, it’s time we honor that commitment.

It’s obvious that the current system is not working, and as proven leaders Veterans need to support immigration reform because it’s a matter of cultural identity, of recruiting the best and brightest, and a matter of national security.